The Warrior-Way  Also Includes Both Spiritual Growth

And Practice As Well As Healing Arts

Many people have asked PMAC about joining if they follow the warrior way but do not actually practice a martial art.  Of course one can join, but that brought up a good point that the council then discussed, and in turn acted upon.

There are many who follow the warrior-way but do not participate in the martial arts. PMAC has developed two additional memberships for these individuals; the Healer Membership and the Mystic Membership.  Both memberships allow all the same privileges and courtesies allowed by the Individual Annual Membership.

Healer Membership
Healer Membership is reserved for healing arts practitioners of all styles & systems; including but not limited to massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, reiki, qigong, herbology, chiropractic, and yoga.
$25 Individual Annual Membership
Dues include a certificate of membership

Mystic Membership
Mystic Membership is reserved for spiritual and mystical practitioners of all styles & systems; whether you term yourself as a mystic, shaman, witch, priest, priestess, meditation master, magik practitioner of the craft, new ager, or druid- or simply seek knowledge in the hidden practices of old, this membership allows you to be a part of something more.
$25 Individual Annual Membership
Dues include a certificate of membership

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